Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chapter 9

In chapter 9 Nick finds out who Tom and Daisy Truly are.

  • Why does he blame their lack of remorse for being from the West.
    • Is East life really that different from the West.
    • Does it take a certain kind of person to live in the East?
    • Could the East represent all of the facades each character had?
    • Is it possible that the West represents when everyone was innocent and not a terrible person?
  • Nick also thinks about how Gatsby lived the American dream, but Gatsby didn't realize that this dream ended long ago.
    • As we know by now Gatsby wasted years of his life for the goal of having Daisy one day
      • But did Gatsby really waste five years of his life in hope for Daisy?
        • She motivated him to become extremely wealthy and I don't think that is a waste of time.
          • Would Gatsby still have gotten where he was if it wasn't for Daisy?  Because for all we know if he never met Daisy he could still be fishing for clams and be living a poor life
      • Did Gatsby live the American Dream because a girl motivated him to do it?  Nick does not think so, but I believe he lived part of it.
        • He came from a poor family and had the dream of being rich since he was young.  But would it be possible for him to get there if he did not have the motivation that he had.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  • On page 115 the Conductor says to our characters,"Some weather!...Hot!...Hot!...Hot!...Is it hot enough for you?..."
    • This shows that F. Scott Fitzgerald wants to set the mood of this chapter as very hot and uncomfortable.  As Ms. Leclaire was saying in class, this chapter is the underworld for our hero's journey.   Many secrets came out of each other through the chapter and some stuff came crashing down.
  • Daisy crashes into Myrtle
    • Why does Fitzgerald choose to have Daisy be the one who kills Myrtle?
      • Why do Gatsby and Daisy keep on driving after they hit Myrtle?
        • Were they afraid of the punishments?  Were they too caught up in emotions and did not realize the right thing to do was to stop?  Could Gatsby be used to death and not feel bad about running into Myrtle.
          • This could say something about Gatsby's past, if he kept on driving with no remorse that could tells us that he is used to killing people.
      • There is symbolism in the death of Myrtle, it shows how the affair of Tom and Myrtle had ended and the same with Daisy and Gatsby 
        • Gatsby had thought that Daisy loved him enough to leave Tom and at point in the chapter she was saying that she would leave Tom.
          • I am wondering what Tom and Daisy must have gone through for her to change her mind about leaving Tom.  Is it because of the child they had together?  Is it because she does not fully trust Gatsby and where his money came from?  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chapter 6

  • After Gatsby's encounter with Dan Cody he has made his own reality of himself.  He made up lies about how he came to be where he is today, instead of saying he worked hard to get his money he said that he inherited the money.
    • Why has Gatsby been lying about his past to Nick and others?
      • Does he think it's his own personal life and it shouldn't matter to other people?
  • Gatsby grew up as a farmer boy.  Farmers are usually on the poorer side with money, after he was a farmer on his parents farm he began fishing and clam digging to bring in a monthly revenue.  Then when he met Cody his whole perception changed in life and he wanted to live rich and luxurious life.  After working to get the money (we are still not completely sure what he did to get all the money) he had succeeded in doing the American dream.
  • On page 108 Tom says "I'd like to know who he is and what he does," and "And I think I'll make a point of finding out."
    • Tom obviously does not like Gatsby.
      • Is this because Tom does not totally trust Gatsby or because he is so mysterious.
      • Does Tom dislike Gatsby because he knows he is new money even if he acts like old money
        • Why is there a conflict between old money and new money in the first place, and why is it such a big deal.
      • Could this also be an issue of Gatsby being in love with Daisy and Tom has possible seen hints to suggest that. 
  • Gatsby thinks he can change the present back into the past he wanted before.  He wants Daisy back and he thinks that can happen very easily.
    • Will things go Gatsby's way and he gets what he wants 
    • Or will Gatsby soon realize that the past is in the past and he can't make it the present.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chapter 5

  • On Page 87 Gatsby says, "Five years next November."
    • To me this shows Gatsby's obsessive behavior again, he has exactly kept track of how long it had been since he last met Daisy.  Readers could also tell that this tea date with Daisy meant a lot to him.  
    • Gatsby is crazy over Daisy, but is he in love with the idea of her that he has idealized since the last time they met.  Or is he actually in love with Daisy?
  • On Page 90 Nick says to Gatsby, "I thought you inherited your money."
    • Gatsby is always changing his stories about how he got his money and Nick is catching on more and more about the lies he is telling.
    • Nick does not trust Gatsby fully because of all the lies.  He is worried that Gatsby is getting his money in an illegal way and is not honest about his life.
  • Could Gatsby actually be a good person that gives false information about his life because he doesn't want people to know how he got all his money.
  • The title of the book is Great Gatsby so I infer that the readers will soon realize what makes him so great, and that he is not actually a bad person

Friday, March 17, 2017

Chapter 4

  • On page 65 Gatsby is talking to Nick and says "I'll tell you God's truth."
    • Does Gatsby like to lie a lot about the stories of his life?
    • Is Gatsby an honest person like Nick describes himself to be?
    • Will there be a point where Nick crosses over the line of honesty and starts lying regularly
  • After Nicks ride with Gatsby into New York more questions arise.
    • Did Gatsby get his money a dirty way, through underground businesses?
    • Is his whole life a lie or is he The Great Gatsby 
  • The book describes how Daisy knew Gatsby before he went off to war and how they used to be lovers.
    • Why does Daisy stay faithful to Tom even though she knows Tom has a mistress?
    • Is she afraid she will lose her marriage with one of the wealthiest men in New York?
      • I could see how this would be a problem, but if she's worried about the money she could always fall back on Gatsby
  • Gatsby bought his mansion so he could be across from Daisy
    • Does this cross the line of being obsessed to being creepy?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chapter 3 Great Gatsby

  • On page 44 Nick has a conversation with Jordan and others about what Gatsby did for a living.  They speculate over if he was a German Spy, or if he once killed a man in cold blood.
    • Why does Gatsby like to live a very mysterious life? 
    • Is his past bad and that's why he keeps it a secret?
    • I have realized that some people (like Nick) are fascinated by Mr. Gatsby and they want to know more about him.  And I have also realized that there are other people (like Jordan) that are not as fascinated by him.  It could be because they know his past and it isn't all its cracked up to be.  Or they simply don't care because it's just a rich who throws lots of parties.
  • Why does Gatsby choose to throw these massive parties and not drink out of them.
    • Is he doing this to impress people? 
    • Is he doing this because he likes to see people having fun at his parties with all sorts of entertainment?
  • What could Gatsby have told Jordan that made her very excited?  Because the author purposely doesn't tell us, maybe the answer will come in later.  
  • Where did all of Gatsby's money come from to throw these massive parties constantly.  Is it truly from his parents, or is it guilt money?
  • Nick doesn't party very often, and in last chapter he had said that it was his second time getting drunk in his life with Tom and Myrtle.  
    • Why has he decided now that he wants to go to these parties?
      • Will his lifestyle and personality change throughout the book because of this?

Chapter 2 Great Gatsby

  • “Hold on,” I said, “I have to leave you here.” pg 28.
    • I can see why Nick is so reluctant to go up to the apartments with Tom.  Nick is placed in a very awkward situation with Tom meeting his mistress. Nick’s most likely did not feel comfortable with Tom having a mistress because it is morally wrong. 
      •  Why does tom feel like he has to show Nick everything about his life. 
      • Is he trying to show off?  
      • Is he trying to show that he is more dominant than Nick?
  • The intro to Chapter 2 gives a very detailed description about the Valley of Ashes and how it is a depressing sight.
    • Why would the author , F. Scott Fitzgerald, decide to put such a depressing town into part of his book.  Is there a reason why he puts myrtle living in this town?  Because the town is covered in ashes everything is in a gray color.  I imagine a smoggy little town that is very gloomy.  
    • Could this town relate to failure and bad decisions? If so it would make sense that Myrtle the mistress is made to live in this town by the author
  • Why does Tom spoil Myrtle and treat her with the gift of a puppy.
    • Does he treat Daisy like this back home?
    • Is Myrtle's husband not able to provide for her enough?
  • At the end of the party Tom punches Myrtle in the nose for talking about Daisy with him, after he told her to avoid talking about her.
    • Is Tom always this aggressive towards Myrtle and Daisy, or just Myrtle?
    • This could connect to Fitzgerald's life and how he had a mistress too. In Fitzgerald's case he still loved his wife but she was going crazy. Could this be the case for Tom?